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Top 5 Hollywood movies in 2018 till now

My Favorite Hollywood movies in 2018 till now

“A Quiet Place 2018”  “Silence is survival”

A Quiet PlaceIt’s about a family members survival from creepy monster. They can’t see you but they can hear even a little bit of movement. So, if you make noise without a single bit of moment you will be dead. It focus on the characters & also struggling of a one family survive. From the beginning of the scene, you started feeling curious what is gonna happened next. The environment create a slice movement could finish you. Every scene of fear will tear you apart to imagine the consequences. The characters use sign languages, body languages & amazing facial expressions that is up to the mark. So that spectator like us easily connect through the emotion of that family. Since it has very limited dialogues but director know that how to communicate to the audience without brief the story line. Watching their completely different new way of living. That aspects will noticeable visual treat for audience. Like when they play board game, they use piece of papers in stead of metal pieces.

It’s not jump scary or very loudly presenting horror movie like others. You appreciate these characters most because of their smartness through their acting skills. One lacking of this movie hear most that is told about we can only learn via their story. We don’t know from the outside part of the layer of story telling. But still when you imagine the consequences if they tried to help from others. So that it shows one family that represents the others.

John Krasinski really does a lot as a director thoroughly connects with the audiences with stunning making.

This is a suspense driven thriller which is really very good scary movie. Terrific performance across all of the artists though young kids as well.

It’s a spooky thrilling atmosphere which makes this one as must see.

“Hereditary 2018 “

Fear & Horror can be comes totally different shades from your idea.

HereditaryIt’s about the history of a family. Story unfolds by the death of grandmother. Creepy things like their house & the main protagonist hobby indicating about very intense horrifying something gonna happened next. Because too much silence also justifying via characters oddness. Perhaps you imagines, this story you have seen it before in different forms. But i can assure you that, this skill level are far good than others.

The unexpected situation in every single scene will shock you. Beside creepy imaginary things, the depth of this movie feels very real. Every person will relate themselves as one of the character in their own life itself. Like a disturb child or mother has a history who tries to unfolds the twist. So that, everybody easily connects them through the story.

Director has shown his cleverness the craft of his beautiful works. From the beginning shot till the end this movie feels like an amazing experience. That is chasing you to think as i really miss something to solving the twist. Visual effects & sound effects are stunning. Incredible performance by every artist but tony is absolutely phenomenon.

This movie will shivering you with the feels of horrifying twist & also shock you with many unfolds question.

Upgrade 2018

Upgrade (2018)A man who suddenly undergoes within a tragic accident. In which he loses his beloved wife. By the devastating accident he is in paralyses from the neck to down. A weird man insist to walk him again via his invention. Suddenly through that invention with the helps of his voice he can control his body.

Though it’s about a revenge story, but the story unfolds as dark science fiction world. Which is totally absorb you to the story.

Besides it’s totally experimental works but still everything looks so real with that limited budget.

Logan Marshall-Green he is really perfect here. His acting has perfect balance between every shades of emotions. If you notice you will find that his arms killing someone. But still his face shivering with fear to thinking unknown things gonna happened next.

Upgrade is really very different sci-fy movie with new ideas. Of course it’s must watch one.

Annihilation 2018

story encourage discourse

Annihilation 2018A biologist who signs up for an expatiation to go an unknown area. People are calling that as shiner. It faces a totally unexpectedly beautiful curious wall which has creates many question. Scientist are trying figure out what’s really the wall motives!!!

This movie makes of think it’s has big ideas & also themes to amplifies audience taste. After the characters inside the shiner they discovers many things there. It’s really very different aspects from the others sci-fy movies.

Alex Garland given us really very different story via his direction. Through his story telling he tries to thinks our mind that they are really bad or they surviving from us?

Besides the honorable performance by the artists, superb special effects & very colorful cinematography will mesmerism you.

Annihilation absolutely winner as a sci-fy movie. Don’t try to miss

Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

Avengers Infinity War (2018) is one of the favorite movie  this year. Its not only me but also millions of movie lovers waited for this mega movie. This movie is written by Christopher Markus (screenplay) based on the super heroes of marvel comics where most of the super heroes sacrifices to their lives to defeat Thanos. The story of this movie is incomplete, so we have to wait for next series to know what will happens with the heroes. I wont like to give a spoiler about the movie. If you are a real Marvel fan, then you must watch this movie (I believe all Marvel fans already watch this movie)

Happy Watching

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