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( GOT 9 ) Game of Thrones Season 9 – Spoiler- Trailer – Release Date

What to expect from Game of Thrones Season 9

Game of Thrones season 9
We all want to know what is coming next in the final season of Game of Thrones. There is plenty of time and information to speculate what the end of the series will be. The 8th season may have let us with the typical build-ups and surprises but also set the stage for completion of the series. The continuation experienced in the seasons has led to easy clues of what to expect. The supporting actors have fallen away one after another and left the lead players to take center stage in an exciting change of events.

Here are some of the possible storyline outcomes we expect to see based on the build-up of the rest of the previous seasons.

1. Long Episodes

The 8th season featured a couple of long episodes at the end, which lasted 71 and 81 minutes respectively. With only 6 episodes in the final season, we expect the longest seasons ever. Much is left to guessing as there is little revealed about the length of the entire seasons. The longest episode so far could be the shortest in the premiere.

2. Destruction of the Iron Throne

Although Jon Snow is the most favorite person to sit on the Iron Throne, do not be quick to place a bet on it regardless of the odds on gambling sites. Remember this is the same show that allowed the most favorite and seemingly main character, Ned Stark even before the 1st season ended. Since then, we have seen deaths of characters we love, massive destruction of humans, separation of families, cities, and creatures, all in the name of battles for the Iron Throne.

After Kaleesi earns the right to the throne after defeating white walkers, she will have a short stint at the throne and decide that the best thing would be to burn the seat. Learning from the wise Tyrion about the truth of the seat will change her mind about its pride. This is where her father used to burn people and her emancipator instincts will take over to free the people of Westeros.

3. The Defeat of the Knight King

This threat has increasingly spread across the seven kingdoms. The night king has grown stronger with every battle as he multiplies the size of his army. After acquiring one dragon during a fight with John Snow where Kaleesi came to save the courageous men, the night king has grown into a real threat to the entire population and their authorities. Only Jon Snow seems to believe in conquering the Night King. Everyone else predicts that the Night King is the ultimate winner of the Iron Throne.

Although the author leaves us all guessing, we know enough than to trust his build-ups as they all end up in disappointments.

4. A Major Character will Fall to the wrath of the Night King

Although it may not be easy to tell who the victim will be, it is easy to tell that a major character will be killed by the ruthless and merciless Night King. If he could take a dragon, he is poised to fell one major king. Considering the author’s style of script writing, a character who is loved by the audience is a likely victim. Although the mother of dragons, Jon Snow, and Arya Stark has grown into the most favorite characters, they are unlikely victims.

The Death of Cersei

Cersei is that queen who we all love to hate. George Martin ensured the audience had a place to place their blames for all the evil in the story. Burning down an entire city at the end of GOT season 6 reminds us all of her utmost wickedness. She will take down anyone who opposes her interests for whatever reason. She will eliminate enemies as quickly and as easily like it was part of her daily chores. We all want her down and hope the final season will be the end of her story.

With only six episodes left in the final season, we will have to wait and see if her unborn child is in fact, based on truth or another scheme. Since the white-walkers are the biggest common enemy, it is hard to include her participation in the war with her attitude. This leaves her vulnerable and the likely target to die under the wrath of the Night King. We also predict that she cannot go alone and will have to slay her brother, Jaime before she breaths her last.


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