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Elizabethtown 2005 Movie Review

Elizabethtown 2005 (Comedy-drama/Drama) Movie Review

Note: The following is more of a story than a review.

I attended a private screening of Cameron Crowe’s Elizabethtown 2005 not too long ago. I had originally invited the co-host of the site, Everett, but he was away at piano lessons. I then called and invited my good friend Galen at the last minute. He was thrilled to come, even though he had just arrived back from Texas a few hours ago.

So, how was the movie? I’ll get there, I’ll get there!

Galen and I arrived at the movie theater, of which the private screening of Elizabethtown was going to be playing, really early. How early? Try 3 hours and 2 minutes before its showtime. We played in the theater’s arcade for a bit. We then got inside information from an employee that I know. She told me where the line for the private screening would form. Even so, I didn’t want to take any chances and somehow end up at the end of the line, or worse, in the wrong line!

So, what did I do? I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you!

I asked the manager of the private screening where the line would form. He told me that it was going to form outside, which is where my friend the employee told me it was going to form, but he let us hang out in the lobby. He even said that he’d make sure we got our first place spot saved.

Cool, huh? Oh man, it doesn’t stop there!

When the line was forming outside, Galen and I decided to go outside and wait in line. We kind of felt guilty for getting such luck. Besides, the weather outside was very nice. Galen and I played SUPERSTAR (!), and, surprisingly, I got some peeps waiting in line to play as well. We even talked about movies…Cameron Crowe movies.

After we were allowed (back, for Galen and I) inside, we formed a new line. Galen and I were still first in line, as our first place spot was saved for us. Two very attractive women were standing in back of us. We actually talked to them for several minutes. We had some great small talk, you know? But! … Guess what happens next? No, we didn’t ask them for their numbers! The manager of the private screening told everyone that because of a delay, everyone who’s seeing Elizabethtown gets ANYTHING from the snack bar for FREE!

Holy shit.

Yes, the snack bar line was looong, but it was worth it. I got two large Icee’s, a large popcorn, a bottled water, and every single candy known to man: Red Vines, Kit Kat, M&Ms, Crunch, Butterfinger, and another candy that I do not know the name of.

What a fucking great movie experience! Yet, the movie hasn’t even started!

Before I mention anything about Elizabethtown 2005 movie, I should mention that I had previously invited my teacher, Ms. Hendren. Yes, after school it’s still Ms. Hendren. Both Galen and I didn’t think she’d show up, but she did. More awesome was that the two very attractive women standing in back of us in line sat next to Galen. More awesome than that was that Ms. Hendren sat next to me. It was our little movie gang.

Finally, the manager of the private screening talked about the movie for a couple of minutes. People screamed when Orlando Bloom was mentioned, people screamed when Kirsten Dunst was mentioned, and I screamed when Cameron Crowe was mentioned. He told us that we were the first in the whole entire world to see Elizabethtown, which is a great detail to know. He also went on to say that because the film isn’t completely done yet, it does have some technical difficulties. And guess what? When the movie started, the curtain never went up! Already it was having technical difficulties.

Alright, so what did I think of the movie? Well, I actually ended up enjoying it. The screenplay was very refreshing. I even thought that Susan Sarandon’s funeral speech, given at the end of the film, was brilliant. Yes, even Orlando Bloom was surprisingly good. However, as much as I loved Kirsten Dunst, her Southern accent fades in and out throughout the film. Another bad stretch with the film was that it gets pretty lengthy, especially at the end, where Orlando Bloom plays “Finding Waldo”, or in this case, “Finding Kirsten Dunst”. But it definitely does have a very good soundtrack.

Elizabethtown (2005)

I’ve attended a total of three private screenings, with the other two being Troy and the Chronicles of Riddick. This private screening of Elizabethtown was definitely the best of the three.

Take a look of the official trailer of Elizabethtown (2005) Movie

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